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Welcome to Castletown Lane

Vintage beauty, lace gloves, feminine florals, fascinator hats and classic statement pieces were the inspiring words that came to me as I began the creation process for the store Castletown Lane. The name Castletown Lane has a very personal tie to me and I will be sharing that story in a later post, but for today I would like to share with you my story, my inspiration, hopes and dreams about this new journey. 

If you asked me if this has always been a dream of mine I would tell you yes and no. Fashion is something I have always loved, but have never considered a main priority. I grew up as a dancer and majority of my time was focused on being the best dancer I could be. I would dream about dancing behind a celebrity rather than designing a dress for one. Fashion was the least of my concerns and I had plenty of days where I rolled out of bed and could care less about what I was wearing that day because I was guaranteed to end the day as a sweaty, hot mess frizz ball anyway. I had many opportunities as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer and I am very satisfied with my dance career. Dance is still a part of my life and will always be, but my life has changed a lot. I am now a wife and mother and I recognize that my days on stage have come to an end and I'm alright with that. There is no better job than that of being a mother, but I also want to continue to have my own identity and to have goals and dreams. I quickly learned that I would also be a far better mother by making this a priority. Several months after having my baby I went back to teaching dance and choreography and it definitely made me feel like myself again, but I still was missing one little thing. A dream. There was nothing to shoot for anymore. I wanted something to dream about again. Something to be excited about. Something to get me out of bed besides the hungry little toddler in the next room. Something to create and watch grow. And thus, the mom job search began. 

As I searched for a "mom job" I wanted something I could do from home and that was also a creative outlet. People used to ask me, "What would you be if you were not a dancer?" Easily and quickly I would reply, "I would have my own clothing boutique." At first I didn't want to take on the stress of owning my own company, so I thought I would try to join an existing company. There are tons of fabulous clothing companies to be a part of and I tried to get involved with a few clothing companies and they all turned me down or didn't respond to me. Some other companies were not quite my personal style and I didn't want to sell something I wouldn't wear. So the only other option was to create my very own boutique! So here I go!

I am very inspired by classic, timeless and beautiful things. I am inspired by European royalty, films starring Audrey Hepburn, Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, famous figures like Marilyn Monroe and designers like Rachel Ashwell. I'll wear anything if it comes in the color blush pink and my mouth will most likely drop when I see white lace done right. I have much to learn about the fashion world, but I do know what I like so I will start there. I am hoping to take some of the old fashioned, classic and feminine fashion pieces and the cute, cool and fun trends of today and put them all together in one store. I hope you enjoy shopping my new store and please feel free to tell me what you would like to see more of! 

Happy Shopping!! 





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