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Oh... the possibilities

One scarf. So many ways! 

I absolutely love the idea of recycling, reusing and taking care of the things that we have. It is the best when something becomes well loved and an absolute favorite thing! That old pair of boots you have worn a hundred times. That piece of jewelry left to you from your Grandma. Or that t-shirt that you stole from your sister that you wear so much it has stains and holes.  I love when something can be treasured and used a lot.  

Our new twill silk scarves are the prettiest finishing touch to your look and your soon to be newest addition to your favorite things collection! It can be used in so many different ways and the possibilities are endless. 

Tie around your wrist, pull up your hair, throw on your handbag or wrap around your neck. Spice up your sun hat or tie back your daughters curls. Get creative and have fun! Be bold. Be brave. Be beautiful. Be you. 


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