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My Netflix Faves

Need something new to watch on Netflix??? Here are my current faves.... 

1. The Hart of Dixie. If you like feel good type shows then this one is for you! A fashionable female doctor from NYC moves to small town and finds a very different lifestyle there. It's adorable and a total feel good series. 

2. Arrow. If you like Batman or super heroes then you will like this one! This is a DC story line about Oliver Queen who gets lost on an island for 5 years and comes home to fight for good in his home town. This one is also a series and one I like to watch every night with my hubby. 

3. Queer Eye. 5 gay guys make over other men. It is fabulous! 

4. Sherlock. The title says it all. If you like mystery and Sherlock Holmes you will like this series.  

5. What the Health. My favorite netflix documentary about our food. Everyone needs to watch this and it will make you want to eat differently. 

6. Minimalism. Another documentary about minimalist living. It's super interesting and will make you want to deep clean and get rid of half of the things in your house. 

7. Lion. A film about a boy in India who gets lost and ends up being adopted by an Australian family. It's a beautiful film and might make you cry or want to adopt a baby from another county. 

8. Newsies Broadway Musical. If you love musicals and broadway watch this!!! It is a live recording of the musical. Sing along and love every minute of it! 

9. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. This one gives me all the feels. Pretty much about a writer who journeys to visit a book club. My husband would fall asleep during this one but I loved every minute! 

10. Pretty Little Liars. If you have watched Gossip Girl or 90210 this teen mystery is for you. It's a total high school drama but I loved it. 

I have heard good things about Lost In Space and Drop Dead Diva so those series are next on my list to watch! 



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