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My Favorite Children's Books

There is nothing more sweet in this life than that of reading a book to a child. Children's books have such a charm to them and I think I love them more as an adult! Here are my favorites. 

1. Blueberry Girl 

This charming book is about our journey in life and it is painted with the most gorgeous pictures connecting us to mother nature. It is beautiful and thought provoking. 

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2. The Wonderful Things You Will Be 

The title of this book says it all. Encouraging children to dream big and feel safe to be whatever they want to be is such a beautiful concept. 

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3. Hooray Heros Books 

These books are custom made books! Insert the childs name and change what they look like! Every kid wants to be in the story so why not put them in it! These custom books are absolutely darling! 

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4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie 

This one is a classic and my favorite from my childhood. 

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5. Breathe and Be 

This book is a calming and meditative book. I love teaching my little one how to be still, calm and peaceful and this book does just that. 

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