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Fall Bucket List

There is something so magical about the season of fall. The crisp air, the fading leaves and scents of pumpkin spice. Sweaters, scarves, books and firesides... fall is my absolute favorite. With this season comes a list of things that I have to do every year! It just wouldn't be the same without these experiences. So here it is! My once a year fall bucket list! 

1. VISIT A PUMPKIN PATCH. Each member of my family picks a pumpkin to take home. You can name your pumpkins, paint your pumpkins or carve your pumpkins the week of Halloween. 

2. PUMPKIN SPICE HOT CHOCOLATE. At Starbucks when you order your hot chocolate ask them to put a pump or two of their pumpkin spice flavor in it! So yummy! 

3. CHAIR LIFT RIDE. Ski resorts offer chair lift rides and in the fall time it is so beautiful to ride the ski lift and see all the beautiful colors of the trees. 

4. TRADER JOE'S PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. All the pumpkin finds at trader joe's are the best! 

5. FOOTBALL. My husband loves football so we of course have to make watching football games a part of fall. I love to host parties and make fun fall treats. 

6. VISIT A CORN MAZE. One of my favorite date nights during fall! 

7. PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. My mom has the best recipe for these and I HAVE to make them every year! 

8. WATCH HOCUS POCUS. The best Halloween movie of all time! Bettlejuice, The Addams Family and Ghostbusters are other faves. 

9. APPLE CIDER & SCONES. We will drive around everywhere until we find the best! 

10. PLAY IN THE LEAVES. Rake them up and jump in! A timeless fall classic. Just do it. It will bring out your inner child and your joy will be level 10! 

11. MAKE THE PERFECT HALLOWEEN PLAYLIST. Pandora, spotify or iTunes. Putting together a Halloween playlist is a must! And once you have it get on your dancing shoes! 

12. HALLOWEEN PARTIES. Dancing, food, fun and friends! I have to do a halloween party every year! Murder mystery dinner parties are my fave. 

13. CARMEL APPLES. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory here I come! 

14. FALL DECORATIONS. Harvest florals, spooky halloween items, pumpkins and more! Fill your house with whatever you got! It will get you in the fall spirit every day! 

15. FALL SCENTS. Bath and Body Works hand soaps and candles have my favorites! You can make your own scents at home too! Pinterest it. 

16. SHOPPING. Fall fashion is the best to shop for! The end. 


18. READ ROOM ON THE BROOM. The best Halloween children's book. 

19. FIND A NEW SHOW TO WATCH. Halloween Wars on Food Network, The Good Witch on Hallmark and 31 nights of Halloween on FreeForm are shows I am tuning into this season. 

20. SPOOKY SURPRISES. This year we are starting a new tradition of giving each other a spooky surprise on Halloween morning. It can be a card, gift, treat, prank or whatever we want! I can't wait! 


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