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How To Host A Murder Mystery

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year!! I absolutely love the crisp air, the pumpkin scents and fall colors. My most favorite thing ever is the parties! I love hosting parties and my absolute favorite party is a murder mystery dinner party! 

I host a murder mystery party every year and I have had some amazing themes! Harry Potter, 1920's and the list goes on! This year it was fairytale themed! Here is how I pulled it off. 

1. First you need a game script. You can create your own but I like to just buy and print mine. You can find murder mystery game scripts online. I found mine on Etsy.  This years fairytale themed script HERE 

2. Next, you need a guest list. My script needed 10 guests exactly. My husband and I were the hosts and did not officially play. If someone was not able to come then we would step into the roles that could not come because the game needs all 10 players to work. Make sure invitations are sent out in advance so guests have enough time to prepare a costume. 


3. Then you need a dinner menu. I took care of the main course and then asked each couple to bring a side or treat to share. This takes a lot of the cooking off you. I prepared a crockpot meal so that my kitchen smells good and is clean when guests arrive. 


4. Last but not least... HAVE FUN!!! Decorate, put on some mood music and enjoy your party! I have a smart tv and I put a mood background on my tv. YouTube has fireplaces and ambience scenes that play for hours. That was a fun addition to my event! 



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