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How to be a wildflower

A wildflower grows wherever it's placed. Someone did not intentionally seed or plant it and it doesn't require someone to take care of it. A wildflower baths in the sun by day and sways to the breeze by night. Mother nature is its caregiver and it grows without limits. 

I believe every person has a wildflower inside them. It's that little something that speaks truth to the soul and makes each person special and unique. The wildflower inside is who you truly are. 

I am finally at a place in my life where I am ready and not afraid to be a wildflower. I am ready to be who I truly am. Are you? 

1. SELF DISCOVERY. First step to becoming a wildflower is self-discovery. This is a process of peeling back all the layers that no longer work for you. I like to think of it as un-becoming everything that is not you. Throughout life we pick up a lot of things along the way. We pick up experiences, other people, cultures, trends etc... We can easily become a lot things we don't really want to be because of who we are around, negative life experiences, following the crowd or because we have never known anything different. When we go through the self reflection period we want to keep only those things that ring true to our hearts and simply let go of the things we no longer want to be. It's that simple. It takes time to go through everything in your life and weed out the things you don't like about yourself so be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Meditate. Breathe. Find time to reflect. 

2. CREATIVITY. The second step to becoming a wildflower is creativity. Once you have gotten rid of the old, next comes in with the new. This is the phase to create! Set goals. Make changes. Seek opportunities. Discover things you have never discovered. Find new things to be a part of you. Invite the things you have always wanted to come into your life. There are no limits to what your wildflower can be! 

3. COURAGE. The last step to becoming a wildflower is to have courage. Courage to be who you truly are. Do not be afraid to show the world what you want to be. Don't be afraid to do something differently than others. And if you like something that others are doing don't be afraid to follow the crowd too. Be fearless in expressing who you truly are. 

- We are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are looking for has always been within. 

Life is too short to be anything but you! 


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