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Almond Milk

I made my own fresh almond milk today! The store adds a lot of ingredients to your almond milk so fresh almond milk is a very different taste but it is fabulous and super good for you! Here is how I did it! 

1. First you need a nut milk bag. I bought this one because it was reusable. I got it on amazon. Shop it HERE. 

2. Soak your almonds in water in a container with a lid in the fridge overnight. 


3. Drain the almonds and give them a quick rinse. 


4. Add 1 cup soaked almonds and 3 cups of water to your blender and puree. (I have a blendtec and push the whole juice button) I usually repeat this process several times to make a lot of almond milk. 

5. Using a large bowl pour blended almonds into your nut milk bag into the bowl. Push all the liquid out. 

6. Dump almond fibers and rinse nut milk bag in sink in between batches. 

7. Pour fresh almond milk into jars and there you have it! Fresh homemade almond milk! 

I was so surprised how easy it was! If you are an almond milk drinker like me go try it! 




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