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7 Days Of Gratitude

I wanted to make Thanksgiving a little more meaningful this year so I decided I would dedicate the 7 days before Thanksgiving to gratitude. I'm calling it 7 days of gratitude and I will have a daily challenge for myself. You can make up your own or follow along with me but I am excited to see the miracles that gratitude brings me this week. 

Day 1 

10 grateful thoughts. The first day will all be in my head. 10 gratitude statements in the form of thoughts throughout the day. I am grateful for ______________. 

Day 2 

Tell 1 person I am grateful for them. The second day I will find one person and tell them how much I appreciate them in my life. 

Day 3 

Gratitude meditation. The third day I will set aside 10-20 minutes for a gratitude meditation. Finding gratitude for my breathe, soul, body and health. 

Day 4 

Show 1 person I am grateful for them. The fourth day I will show 1 person my gratitude in the form of service. 

Day 5 

Gratitude Journaling. The fifth day I will write in my journal all the things I am grateful for. 

Day 6 

Gratitude for my comforts. The sixth day I will find gratitude for my comforts and find 6 comfort items in my home to donate to someone in need. 

Day 7 

Gratitude for food and family. Day 7 for me will be Thanksgiving day and it will be all about gratitude for daily bread and family relationships. 

I hope this brings so much more to your week! 




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